Pool Companies Sink Or Swim

I have wanted to write about this story for a long long time, I have to be careful I do not make false claims or reveal the Pool Company. This issue is something that happened a few years ago, it still has a bad taste in my mouth; I am not sure how the Architect feels about it.

We did a renovation on a house; the pool contract was organized by the client. We had to demolish the rear of the property and leave the site until the pool was dug and poured. When we were ready to rough in the storm water and sewer, we discovered the pool was sitting on top of the sewer boundary shaft and the storm water drain was gone as well.Voshege

We alerted the Architect and the owners about the negligence done by the Pool Company. The owner of the pool company came to site and wiped his hands from the issue. He stated that it had nothing to do with him, if you read the contract it states; anything to do with this, is not the responsibility of the Pool Company. The SPASA (Swimming Pool And Spa Association) contracts have been written by Pool Companies who are in the Association.


No Care NO Responsibility


I know the guy who excavated the hole for the pool, he is a good operator. I couldn’t understand how he could rip out two pipes without alerting anyone. The easiest scenario would have been to stop the dig, expose the shaft, call a plumber, or call us to come and investigate the problem. It would have been easier to dig the shaft while the excavator was onsite, offset the boundary shaft and the company could have poured the pool, this would have delayed them.

The storm water could have been done in the exact scenario. The Boss of the pool company could not see that he was grossly negligent. All he was worried about was having a black mark to his name with SPASA. The Architect was blamed for the whole problem. I was so upset this Pool Company got away with murder. The contract was between the client and himself, nothing to do with the Architect.


The Wrong Person Was Blamed


We hand dug a hole between the fence and the pool; we had about one and a half metres or less to dig a hole, approx four to six metres deep. This was done with a shovel and an electric jack-hammer  It was like finding a needle in a haystack. Two days later our labourers found the sewer line. The plumber came in, replaced the boundary shaft. The whole exercise wasn’t cheap, the Architect forked the bill. Luckily the storm water was easier to fix than the sewer.

One thing I didn’t know about Pools is: If a client is not happy with the Pool Company, they can place the money for the pool in a SPASA account. The Pool Company cannot access the money until the client is satisfied with the end product. The money shows the Pool Company that they will get paid if they finish the job properly. The Pool Company gets a black mark to their name, three strikes and they are out of the Association.


Once you consider your pool location, find out where all of your services are located, either get them moved or speak to your Pool Company and arrange a way to excavate the pool in conjunction with your plumber’s supervision.

Check your contracts with a fine tooth comb. The back wash, gas line and connection to the pool boiler to be supplied and installed by a licensed plumber. What people don’t know is most Pool companies are not plumbers. Are they are SPASA approved? Find out if they have any strikes to their name.

All roof cowls or penetrations through any roofs are to be done by a roofing plumber.

Make sure you know exactly what you are getting; these hidden extras can cause conflicts. Your money is important and it can cause you stress and animosity with your contactor.

What really cheesed me off about this particular company was; the manager of the Pool Company had the cheek to go around accusing our company of negligence. I can’t understand people like him; I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

Have a great week